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The larger forestry and tree surgery gangs need to work quickly, so a heavy duty wood chipper with a very high work-rate - strong and powerful enough to take demanding situations without complaint - is always top of the requirements list. And with these type of demands, uptime is an absolute priority.

The Landforce Chip 730 Terex is designed for chipping tree trunks, large branches and logs with diameter up to a massive 33cm (13"). The Chip 730 Terex heavy duty wood chipper is suitable for chipping branches up to 4" (100mm).

wood chippers ... [this] chipper works on a more consistent basis than most, in terms of feeding material in. The 730 is about capacity and consistency for its weight class, at 5200lbs it tows and rides very well in our steep terrain, and most of all loves eating trees. wood chippers

Bixler, tree surgeon

This wood chipper model is equipped with a powerful 75-99hp 4 cylinder diesel engine.


This is a drum model with a pneumatic blow-out system installed on the disc. Chips are ejected through a rotary chimney that can turn by 360 degrees in relation to the chassis. The cutting system consists of drum knives cutting edges that can be reground many times.

The essential equipment of this outstanding wood chipper includes -

  • hydraulic propulsion system servicing the feeding rollers and driven by its own hydraulic pump
  • a lever system of the hydraulic divider which allows programmable reverse auto feed of feeding rollers’ direction
  • mechanical overrunning braking system
  • lockable instrument cover
  • ball-type coupling for towing adjusted to its interchangeable part, with a grip for using a ball pin.
The chipper is also additionally equipped with an electronic system of work control, protecting the machine against excessive usage, through temporary stopping of the feed.

Wood chips from the Chip 730 Terex can be sold -

  • as biomass for energy production or heating
  • as raw material to produce compost
  • for decorative purposes in gardens, parks and paths etc
  • after additional disintegrating in a mill, for production of pellets and briquettes.

wood chippers I've had one for over six years. They are good machines. Few moving parts, low maintenance cost, and way less expensive than the equivalent in other makes. wood chippers

Tom, tree surgeon


Chip 730 Terex heavy duty wood chipper

Weight: 2358kg (including full tank of fuel and other fluids)
Fuel tank: 40 litres
4 cylinder Caterpillar/John Deere/Kubota diesel engine
Power: 75-99hp (52-68kW)
Chipping specifications
Max capacity: 330mm (13") diameter x 460mm (18") wide
Blades: Full pocket knife; Drum regrindable; fully hardened
Average chip size: 18mm
Feed specifications
Twin hydraulic rollers with auto feed control
Drive: Direct, 3 belts
Up to 16.9m3 (5.45 tonnes) per hour (assuming 324.5kg per m3)
Rotates through 360 degrees

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