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Pre-Owned Landforce chippers, chipper/shredders and stump grinders

Hardmet Landforce are able to offer customers used/second hand chippers, shredders and Stump Grinders through our network of authorised dealers.

Used machines have to go through a series of stringent checks to ensure they meet our very high standards, ensuring that customers can buy in confidence knowing that every pre – owned machine has been checked against the following criteria -

  • Proof of ownership – you will not be buying a stolen machine (also see below)
  • Verification of serial/VIN/engine number
  • Service/warranty history
  • Hour clock reading
  • Condition report
  • Location of machine
  • Price

Approved used/second hand chippers, chipper/shredders and stump grinders can also be bought using finance (see below).

Please feel free to browse through our list (coming soon ...) of approved used/second hand machines that are currently for sale. If you require further information on our used service, or on any of the machines offered, then please contact us on 01886 884595, or via our Contact page.

Stolen machines

We do include recovered stolen machines that have been 'de-listed' and approved for sale with the appropriate paperwork from the insurance company and/or the police under this service.


Minimum amount that can be financed is £2,000 plus VAT.
Maximum age of any machine for finance is 10 years at the end of the finance term (eg an 8 year old machine can be financed for a maximum period of 2 years)

Also see our Finance page

... lastly, as always ... wood chippers, green waste shredders and stump grinders Our goal is simple - total customer satisfaction