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The original Hardmet Landforce Chip range of dedicated towed wood chippers offers three machines with powerful Deutz diesel engines - from 30hp (22.3kW) to 61hp (45.4kW) - which give reliable power, all day. They have twin hydraulic feed rollers, for fast, strong and effective handling - but they'll also close to feed a single blade of grass!

wood chippers Wow - what a bit of kit!   It just destroys anything my lads put into it - built in the Jeremy Clarkson school of thinking, ie built to be thrown off cliffs and still work at the bottom!   Work is on the up so have just ordered another. wood chippers

Simon, tree surgeon

If you're an arboriculturalist, tree surgeon, contractor or hire company, a Chip range chipper is the machine for you, offering flexibility where it's needed.

Chippings can be used as mulch or to reduce material volume for off-site disposal.

Designed for lower noise operation, the chipper lacerates the incoming material to reduce volume and promote rapid decomposition. The flywheel chipper on all models is fed via hydraulic powered rollers that automatically cut the feed to the chipper when the engine speed drops below a preset limit, reducing the chance of blockages.

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General specifications
All four models have the following general specifications -
Feed rollers
Self adjusting hydraulic rollers
Two units for chipping feed
Automatic feed roller cut-out if engine speed drops
Safety features
3 Strategically placed emergency stop switches
3 covers for in position micron switches
Emergency stop bar protecting feed chute
360°, fully adjustable steel discharge chute
Cutting system
Flywheel type chipper
Rotor speed
All machines have a rotor speed of 1850 rpm
Feed roller speed
All machines have a feed roller speed of 0-64.7 m/min (0-212 ft/min)
Towing dimensions
Width: 2.07m Length: 4.1m


Steel fuel tank re-design

After some experimentation with lightweight plastic diesel tanks (which are standard in the construction equipment industry), we decided to build our machines with steel fuel tanks, as the weight saving was marginal.

New transit securing system for the safety arms

The transit securing system, to eliminate rattle on the safety bars and reduce microswitch damage, is available as standard.

Oversized jockey wheel

We use only the larger, oversized jockey wheels on the equipment as it eases manhandling and manoeuvering.

Lockable bonnets

For added piece of mind all Landforce equipment comes with lockable bonnets as standard. Tracker and other marking options are available on request.

Additional bearing support for feed rollers

All new machines have additional bearings and strengthened support for the feed rollers.

Field upgrades to ealier models are available - please call for details and costs.

Stabilising leg

For added stability, particularly when the machine is not connected to your truck or towing vehicle.

All machines have a stabilising leg fitted as standard. For older models they are available as a self-fit upgrade (POA).

Twin feed rollers

All Landforce machines have twin hydraulic feed rollers for the chippers.

Trochoidal blades

Our trochoidal shaped cutters have the ability to index 3 times for efficiency.

Ease of use
Twin operating control boxes

For additional ease of use twin operating control boxes can be fitted as an option (POA).

360° chute

Chippings can be put were you want them with the 360° rotating chute.

Easy folding chutes

At the end of the day, the loading chutes fold simply and securely into place, so you're ready for travelling with the minimum of fuss.

Spare wheel

All Landforce machines are supplied with a spare wheel as standard.

wood chippers read about the special Engineering features on our original Chip range

The original Chip range comprises three models with a 165mm, 200mm and 235mm chipper capability.

Chip 165
The Chip 165 has the power to handle larger tasks, with its 165mm chipper capacity, but is still easy to move and tow. The flexibility and easy handling, along with reduced noise levels make this machine ideal for the domestic customer applications. Even a small domestic car could pull this machine, so for the jobs such as clearing normal 6" trees, tree pruning or damaged bough removal, it performs excellently.
Chip 200
On the Chip 200, the 200mm (8") capacity chipper gives this machine the power to handle larger tasks, making it the perfect option for Grounds Maintenance/Landscaping businesses. They are very robustly built, and we'd recommend a heavier vehicle or a small 4x4 to pull them. They are targeted at the tree surgery markets where larger timber may be encountered. Power and reliability make these serious workhorses for the all-day professional.

You can see this machine in action in the video, making short work of some silver birch saplings and branches!

Chip 235
The Chip 235 really does cater for everything - the 235mm (9½") capacity chipper and 54hp engine make this machine the choice of the serious professional. It was labelled 'The Destroyer' by one customer as it "destroyed" everything they put through it! It has power in abundance; it chips large section timber as easily as the small brash - and yet it will accept right down to a single blade of grass, unlike so many of the large machines in this market.
Machine-specific specifications
Chipper capacity
Chip 165 - 165mm
Chip 200 - 200mm
Chip 235 - 235mm
Chip 165 - Deutz 2 cylinder 30hp
Chip 200 - Deutz 3 cylinder 40hp
Chip 235 - Deutz 4 cylinder 61hp
Chip 165 - 1220kg
Chip 200 - 1250kg
Chip 235 - 1260kg
Cutter blades system
Chip 165 - 6 trochoidal chipping cutter blades
Chip 200 & 235 - 9 trochoidal chipping cutter blades

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